Solving customer problems and providing complete solutions are the key goals of FE and the reason behind our success. Whether the application calls for high precision fiber interconnect or complex optical switching designs, FE’s engineers are capable of solving and/or developing fiber optic systems solutions for your applications.

FE provides a full range of turnkey services to fit any fiber optic system need. From multistage optical switching systems to custom fiber cable management and fiber interconnect cabinets, FE can provide total system solutions for even the most demanding environments. We specialize in the following systems areas

Our complete solution for Fiber Optic Servicing includes:
  • Special purpose, multi-stage optical switch designs
  • Fast switching speeds and low insertion loss optical switches
  • 1xN optical switches (single mode and multimode)
  • Ultra-low return loss optical switches
  • Optical Matrix switches up to 32×32 (SM and MM)
  • High level control interfaces including SNMP over Ethernet
  • Compact PCI based optical switches
  • Integration of optical switches with VOAs, taps, WDM, etc.
  • Turn-key systems integration and engineering services
  • Hazardous environment systems design
  • Custom optical interconnect design
  • Field engineering and training services
  • Design verification and qualification testing services
  • Custom enclosures and cable management
  • Delivered to MIL-STD-790 and ISO9001 quality requirements